Security for the Paralympics

29 Aug 2012

We have said our goodbyes to the Olympics and are now welcoming the Paralympics with open arms.

Members of the armed forces with both SC and DV Clearance will be providing security at the Paralympic games, however security will not be on the same scale as it was for the Olympics: 3500 military personnel will carry out venue security duties compared to 12,200 during summer Olympics. Police official will also be cut to around 7000.

Security was extremely tight during the Olympics but no major security issues were detected.

"We're still obviously prepared for threats to these games, but I think it's fair to say that there is a different degree of risk", a British security official stated.

The majority of security for the Paralympics will be carried out by G4S, a private contractor, due to the number of military and police officials being scaled back after the summer Olympics.

The private contractor will supply the relevant security cleared staff who are equipped to carry out the relevant security checks for the upcoming games. The staff guarding the Paralympic games will carry out airport-like checks.

In addition to this security, the crew of HMS Bulwark will provide security for the Paralympic sailing events.

The assault ship was involved in providing security for the summer Olympics and will direct movements of the Royal Marines raiding craft, patrol boat and civilian boats.

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