Arab immigration officer stripped of his SC clearance and sacked from his security cleared job

29 Aug 2012

An Arab immigration officer was stripped of his SC security clearance, suspended for five years and then sacked from his SC Cleared job at Gatwick after colleagues claimed he spent too much time browsing Al Jazeera website.

The former employee was an Arabic interpreter who held SC Clearance and helped interview terror suspects. He was sacked due to alleged links to Islamic terrorism.

He was stripped of his security clearance and suspended on full pay for five years back in 2005 following his return to work after a year-long sabbatical in Yemen. After the five year suspension he was sacked after the Home Office concluded him to be a risk to national security.

He is now suing his former employers at an employer tribunal for discrimination and unfair dismissal, claiming he was only suspected of associating with terrorists because of his race and religion - Muslim.

This tribunal has been almost entirely private to prevent sensitive intelligence from being publicly discussed. Due to the high risk profile of this case, the suspect has not even been told of the evidence against him as the Home Office state it would risk national security.

The suspect has been told that his SC clearance, which he needed to carry out his job role, was withdrawn due to the alleged link to suspected Islamic extremists.

The case is so sensitive that the suspect, his legal team and the press and public have not been allowed to attend.

The suspect's lawyer, appointed by the Attorney-General, has been granted SC clearance in order to see the secret material but is not allowed to discuss the evidence with the suspect.

We all realise how strict procedures are when it comes to handing top secret/sensitive information and can understand the serious measures that are being taken to ensure this sensitive information does not leak into the public domain.

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